Treatment with Reiki - A Boon in Present Time

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In today's time, when stress levels are increasing and the life of people is becoming increasingly hectic, people need therapies that can promote overall wellness while decreasing the stress levels. Reiki is one such alternate healing technique reduces stress and leaves a tranquil effect on the receiver.

An Overview

Reiki is a Japanese technique which is known to balance the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental energies. It helps in harmonising the mind, body and spirit. the word Reiki comprises of two Japanese words "Rei" means Universal Spirit and "Ki" means Life force energy. In Reiki therapy and treatment, the hands of the therapist become the channel transmitting the life force energy which is guided by the universal spirit. Basically, our well being and health completely depends on the energy which is inside our body. As we get surrounded by negative energy or lose the positive energy from our body, our health starts deteriorating. at this time, we need the life force energy which is efficiently supplied by a Reiki therapist.

Though, Reiki is not a substitute to the traditional medical treatment but practising it can complement the ongoing treatments. It augments recovery by directing the healing energy to the part of the body where it is needed. Fundamentally, it is not just a healing technique, but an ever-evolving and flexible form of personal development and relaxation as well.

Benefits of Reiki

Some of the prominent benefits which Reiki extends include:
  • Relief from pain
  • Balancing of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energies.
  • Release of suppressed feelings
  • Increase in mental clarity and inner peace
  • Considerable reduction intension and stress
  • Increase in positive thinking
  • Relief from headaches, back problems, PMT, respiratory problems, menstrual problems etc.

 How is Reiki performed?

During the Reiki treatment the therapist uses his/her hands to transfer the life force energy in to the receiver's body. The hands are passively and gently placed in different positions on the body. The Reiki treatment usually lasts for 30 minutes to one hour and is equivalent to three - four hours of sleep. This makes it the perfect treatment for stress and stress generated health problems.

One important feature of Reiki treatment is that it does not needs the physical presence of the receiver. If the receiver is at some other geographical location, then also, the therapist can perform the therapy. The only condition is that the Reiki recipient should stay static during the whole Reiki session.

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